Immy’s Appetizers offers an exciting variety of delicious ethnic and creative cuisine that will please any crowd for any occasion.

We take pride in delivering the best authentic east african dishes that you will ever experience. Both quality and quantity.



Sambusa(also known as Samosas)

Choice of spiced ground beef, turkey, mixed vegetable, cabbage w/carrots
or whole lentil wrapped in egg roll wrap. Comes with homemade spicy
veggie sauce.


Sliced potatoes dipped in seasoned chick pea flour and deep fried.

Ndizi za kukaanga (fried plantains):

Ripe fried plantains.


Chicken, African version of chili or vegetable soup.


Melon & mango salad.

Tomato, carrots, cabbage and onion salad.

Side Dishes:

Chapati – flat flour bread

Mchele - Steamed rice

Sukuma – collard greens & spinach

Main Course:

These savory dishes are served with your choice of rice, chapatti,
or Ugali (corn meal)

Pilau wa kuku or nyama - Spiced rice with beef or chicken, served with a tomato, onion and cilantro salad

Mchuzi wa Nyama – Beef Curry

Mchuzi wa kuku – Chicken Curry

Mchuzi wa Mbuzi – Goat Curry

Kuku ya Viungo - Jerk Chicken

The dishes are sautéed with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & with a unique blend of spices from East Africa

Sukuma na Nyama - Beef with a mixture of collard greens & spinach

Mchuzi wa Njugu – Peanut stew

Dengu –Lentils